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10 Amazing Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipes

Everyone loves chocolate cake. And everyone really loves chocolate birthday cakes.

Here are 10 of the best chocolate birthday cake recipes you’ll ever see. Some are easy. Some are a little trickier. But all are absolutely delicious and will make’s for a special birthday indeed.

Pass the candles, put on your party hat and get ready to sing –

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you…

1. Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

When you need a birthday cake to really make someone’s day special, this Chocolate Raspberry Cake will certainly impress.

The richness of the chocolate cake is offset by the sweet tartness of the raspberries. The truffle like frosting is inspired and balances out the sweetness of the cake itself.

And it’s as pretty as a picture. A party cake for sure.


2. The Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This is a truly great chocolate birthday cake. Layer and layers of chocolate cake indulgence. The cake is moist, lush, fudgey, rich and decadent.

“Ultimate” is a big claim for a chocolate cake but it may very well be justified here.

I’d certainly love this for my next birthday (hint hint).


3. Cocoa Chocolate Cake

Cocoa Chocolate Cake

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned chocolate birthday cake. No messing around – just a moist, rich Cocoa Chocolate Cake like this one.


4. Chocolate Victoria Sponge with Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Victoria Sponge

A classic chocolate birthday cake that everyone will love.

Layers of light and fluffy chocolatey sponge cake surround a gorgeous thick layer of chocolate buttercream filling.

There’s a reason everyone loves Victoria Sponge Cake and this Chocolate version is a lovely birthday cake option.


5. Strawberry Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake

Strawberry chocolate devil’s food cake

This show-stopping Chocolate Strawberry Devils’ Food Cake makes a perfect birthday cake.

For a cake that looks so utterly amazing, it’s actually not that difficult to make. The trick is the layering and colours. Choose ripe, vibrant red strawberries to contrast with the darkness of the chocolate cake, ganache and shavings.


6. Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

Double-Chocolate Fudge Cake

So it’s a birthday – right? So you can afford to indulge – right? Just a little – right?

Now that we’ve got that sorted you can indulge away with this great chocolate birthday cake. It has a pound of chocolate in it! Yes – you read that right. A pound of chocolate!

Layered with chocolate ganache, there are few things that could be better for a birthday.


7. Intensely Chocolatey Cherry Cake

Intensely Chocolatey Cherry

A wonderfully rich chocolate cherry cake that would make anyone’s birthday very special indeed. Just look at that amazing texture.

And for such an impressive looking chocolate cake, it’s actually very easy to make too.


8. Ultra Rich Chocolate Orange Cake

Ultra Rich Chocolate and Orange Cake

When only the richest, most decadent chocolate birthday cake will do. A very sophisticated birthday cake that is more for grown-ups than little people.

Pure utter indulgence. Resistance is futile.


9. Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Nutella Filling and Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Nutella Filling and Chocolate Ganache

A cake fit for a celebration, this cake combines a moist chocolate cake, layered with a nutella spiked raspberry jam.

Add a dark chocolate ganache and some chopped hazelnuts to compliment the nutella centre and provide some crunch, and everyone will be begging for more.


10. Easy Chocolate Cake

Easy Chocolate Cake

Don’t underestimate the appeal of a single later chocolate birthday cake. Especially this single layer chocolate birthday cake. This is the most fudgey, rich, intensely chocolatey chocolate cake you can possibly imagine.

And with 16 ounces (that’s nearly half a kilo) of dark chocolate, it’s little wonder that this cake packs a serious chocolate punch.

But it’s all worth it. So very, very, worth it. Besides, birthdays don’t come around that often do they?


It was pretty difficult to chose only 10 chocolate birthday cakes for this list when The Answer Is Cake has so many wonderful chocolate birthday cake recipes to chose from. Why don’t you drop by and have a look for yourself at our full Chocolate Cake Recipe Collection – and prepare to swoon.

Happy baking – and happy birthdays – my chocolate-cake-loving friends!

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