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All About The Answer is Cake

Are you always on the look-out for great cake recipes? I know I certainly am.

I have spent countless, countless, hours searching the web looking for amazing cake recipes.

And as much as I love Martha, Nigella, Donna and Delia, I think most of the ground-breaking creative work with cake recipes these days comes from smaller bloggers.

Smaller bloggers baking for their friends and family … Experimenting with regional and seasonal produce. Baking and blogging for no other reason than it brings them joy. Smaller bloggers who may be finding it difficult to share their recipes with bakers all over the world.

These are the cake recipes I want to see. These are the baking experiences I want to share.

But as you know there are a lot of food blogs out there. And I struggled to find the best cake recipes that these smaller websites offered. When I searched for cake recipes, I was either swamped with big international, branded websites, or underwhelmed by rubbishy keyword-driven search results. But on page 15 of a Google search you might find a gem of a recipe that the world should know about.

So I thought I should do something about it and try to connect these bloggers with people like me.

The Answer Is Cake is the result. This is the website I always wanted. The absolute best-of-the-best cake recipes all brought together in the one place. A one-stop cake recipe website where we can all find great cakes quickly and reliably.

These are not my cakes (although I have baked the majority of them). The Answer Is Cake showcases the baking genius of others. And we should all rejoice in their talents and celebrate their willingness to share with others.

The cakes you won’t find on The Answer is Cake

There are a few cakes you simply won’t see here on The Answer is Cake.

First and foremost – anything that uses a packet cake mix. Apart from the fact they’re filled with artificial rubbish and you can absolutely taste the difference – really, how hard is it to measure out some flour and sugar, add some butter and eggs? All the recipes on this site are for cakes made from scratch.

And I know this will upset many, but this is a cupcake free zone. While there are some amazing cupcakes out there, on the whole I think there’s too much emphasis on the frosting and decoration of cupcakes often at the expense of the cake itself.

Cake pops – forget it.

See I’m all about the cake – not the decoration.

I think I have a deep seated fear of fondant, so you won’t find “cake art” style of cakes either. I appreciate the high level of skill required to make these cakes and they’re fabulous for special occasions, but they’re not the sort of cake you whip up when friends are coming around (well not in my world anyway).

So who am I?

My name is Patricia and I’ve been looking for recipes for as long as I can remember. The first library book I ever borrowed from my primary school library was a recipe book. I thought that the coloured jelly with tinned fruit I made from that book was simply magnificent (well I was 6). I remember that book to this day.

Coloured jelly aside, my passion is baking cakes and I believe that a great recipe is where it all starts. I want my cakes to taste amazing (of course), combine flavours and textures in interesting and creative ways, and to look as impressive as possible.

And I must be doing something right. I’m known for my cakes. My cakes get requested. My cakes get talked about. Reminisced over. Anticipated.

The Answer is Cake showcases the best recipes I’ve discovered in my quest for the most unforgettable cakes in the world. These are the extraordinary cakes; the died-and-gone-to-heaven-in-a-single-bite cakes; the resistance-is-futile cakes; the cakes that make you a legend with your friends and family; the cakes where everyone goes back for more.

Some recipes are easy, some are more difficult. But if you like the look of it, please give it a try. Remember, you can always make a fantastic trifle from a cake that doesn’t go quite to plan.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy these magnificent cakes from bakers all around the world. My life is richer because of their recipes (and my jeans tighter).

Remember: the answer is cake. Whatever the question.

Q. What would you like for dinner tonight?

A. Cake

Q. What’s the meaning of life?

A. Cake

Q. Madam, can you please tell the jury why you killed your husband?

A. Cake

Q. Would you like fries with that?

A. Cake
Patricia Adams

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