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Recipes for Chocolate Cake You’ll Love

I love making lists – yes I’m one of “those” people. So when I thought I’d pull together a collection of recipes for chocolate cake that everyone would love, I had no idea what a difficult task it would be.

See, there are so many different chocolate cakes out there. Literally millions (26 million according to my Google search). The varieties of chocolate cakes are seemingly endless.

How do you narrow all these different recipes for chocolate cake into one list?

I decided to keep it simple. This would be a collection of chocolate cake recipes for chocolate cake purists – “only chocolate” chocolate cakes. No other fruits, berries or flavors to accompany the chocolate flavor. Just chocolate. Not even white chocolate cakes make this collection (but stayed tuned – I may do a list of white chocolate cake recipes one day soon).

So whether you’re a chocolate cake purist or not, I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of recipes for chocolate cake.

1. Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

Double-Chocolate Fudge Cake

Let’s jump right into chocolate cake heaven with this Double Chocolate Fudge Cake which has a pound of chocolate in it. Did you hear me? A pound of chocolate.


2. Chocolate Cake with Buttermilk

Chocolate Cake with Buttermilk

This easy and moist Chocolate Cake with Buttermilk will make everyone smile. Serve it warm with ice-cream and you’ll be loved forever.


3. Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake

Chocolate Victoria Sponge

This Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cake is a chocolate twist on the traditional Victoria Sponge Cake recipe. Layers of light and fluffy chocolate sponge cake surround a gorgeous thick layer of chocolate buttercream filling.


4. Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This Ultimate Chocolate Cake is a truly great chocolate cake recipe. Moist, lush, fudgey, rich and decadent. Everything that chocolate cake should be.


5. Easy Chocolate Cake

Easy Chocolate Cake

This Easy Chocolate Cake recipe contains a massive nine eggs and 16 ounces of dark chocolate (that’s nearly half a kilo). An easy to make flourless chocolate cake recipe that gives you a very rich cake indeed.


6. Chocolate Souffle Cake

Chocolate Souffle Cake

In this Chocolate Souffle Cake recipe a crispy shell surrounds a heart of luscious, chocolate deliciousness. Brace yourself for compliments.


7. Nana’s Chocolate Cake

Nana's Chocolate Vinegar Cake

I call it Nana’s Chocolate Cake but traditionally it’s known as a chocolate vinegar cake. Don’t let the idea of vinegar in a chocolate cake put you off trying this. You absolutely cannot taste the vinegar but it gives the cake its beautiful texture. A rich, moist and simple chocolate cake that Grandma would be proud of.


8. Decadent Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

Decadent Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

I figure there should be at least one chocolate cheesecake on this list of chocolate cake recipes so here it is – a Decadent Baked Chocolate Cheesecake recipe. Holy-moly it’s good!


9. Chocolate Nemesis Cake

 Chocolate Nemesis Cake

 This amazing Chocolate Nemesis Cake recipe only has four ingredients – that’s right – four (4)! Chocolate (of course), eggs, sugar and butter. Part cake. Part mousse. Completely divine.


10. Chocolate Overdose Cake

Chocolate Overdose Cake

If you really can OD on chocolate, then this Chocolate Overdose Cake will do it. Chocolate brownie layer. Chocolate mousse layer. Chocolate cake layer. Coated in chocolate. Decorated with chocolate. Garnished with chocolate. Enough chocolate for you?


 Have I missed a classic recipe for chocolate cake? Do you have a favorite chocolate cake recipe you’d like to share? Remember the rules – “only chocolate” chocolate cake recipes, no other flavors allowed here. Why don’t you leave a comment or send me an email – I’d love to hear from you.

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