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Recipe converter that’s a piece of cake

I get all sorts of questions about baking, but the subject that comes up most concerns recipe measurements – and the difficulty people have converting ingredients into measurements they are familiar with.

Put simply, this is one of the most frustrating and confusing aspects of following recipes you find online.

Yes, the internet contains countless fantastic, mouth-watering recipes.

But they’re created by people who not only live in different parts of the world, but use different measurements too.

For instance, a cup in the USA is nothing like a cup in the UK. And while the average American typically measures weight in ounces, people in most other part of the world use grams.

This is before you even consider that a cup of something like candyfloss – no matter where it’s from – weighs a lot less than a cup of packed brown sugar.

Confusing? Hugely. Frustrating? Well, we all know how even slighly mucking up an amount of a particular ingredient can mess up an entire recipe. And that’s pretty easy to do when there is such a plethora of unfamiliar measurements.

Even worse, it often feels like you need a math degree – and an extra few hours – to work out how to convert the ingredients into the measurements you’re used to working with.

Introducing the International Recipe Converter

So I thought it was time I tried to do something about this – and make life a little bit easier for anyone trying to convert a great recipe they found on the net.

The result – after much wailing and nashing of teeth (I find it just as confusing and frustrating as everyone else) – is The Answer is Cake’s International Recipe Converter.

As you can see below, I’ve tried to make the process of converting one measurement to another as simple as possible.

Have a read through the infographic and then use the charts to make your conversion. I get the best results by aiming to convert as much as possible into grams or ounces, or mililiters when it’s a liquid. Those measurements are the same no matter where you are.

I’d love to hear what you think. Did you find the charts useful? Is there anything I missed that should be added?

And if you think it might help people you know, please feel free to share. If you have your own blog or website, and think it might help your readers, please copy and paste the code below.

Happy Baking!

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international recipe converter

Share this converter on your site

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