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Egg Separator

Super clever baking gadgets, gizmos and kitchen equipment

Here’s a look at some of the kitchen gadgets and clever baking devices that have caught my eye of late. Have you seen anything else I should know about?
Cream Cheese Frosting

The best basic frosting recipes

These great icing and frosting recipes have you – and your cakes, covered. Chocolate, Royal, Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Meringue and Dark Chocolate Ganache…

Your Essential Mini Bundt Pan Guide

Are you looking for the perfect mini bundt cake pan? Here are some of the best mini bundt cake pans plus how I solved my lopsided mini bundt cake problem.
Make sure your eggs are at room temperature

A “Baker’s Dozen” Baking Tips

The Answer Is Cake brings you some of the most useful baking tips on the internet…

Tips for baking with berries

Berries make great additions to cakes and other baked goods, adding natural sweetness and a splash of color. Here are a few tips for baking with berries…
Beating Egg Whites

Beating Egg Whites Properly

Ever wondered how to beat egg whites properly? Here’s the final word on the best way to beat egg whites for baking. Beating egg whites is a mystery no more.
Try replacing milk with buttermilk for a moist cake.

How do you make buttermilk at home?

How to make buttermilk at home – including recipes for buttermilk with vinegar, lemon juice, cream of tarter, sour cream and yogurt.
Orange Ricotta Pound Cake

5 tips for baking moist cakes

Here are 5 tips for baking super moist cakes every time…

My Bakeware Secret and Mixed Berry Muffins with Crumble

Affordable bakeware secrets and my fav Mixed Berry Crumble Muffins. You may never go back to muffins without crumble.

Healthy Cake Recipe Ideas

Healthy cake recipe suggestions to inspire you to have your cake – and eat it too. Not quite guilt free but healthier cake options for you and your family.
Heart Cake

Bake your way to love and friendship

There are lots of reasons you should be able to bake. And here’s an important one. Being able to bake wins you friends. Surely you want a skill that can enhance your relationships and bring you love and friendship.
Strawberry chocolate devil’s food cake

5 Sexy Cakes (that will get you some lovin’)

If the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach, then cake must be a sure fire way to get yourself some lovin’…
Raspberry Cheesecake

How to Make a Cheesecake – Two Golden Rules

Problems with cracked or sinking cheesecakes? I’m often asked about how to make the perfect baked cheesecake.
Zen Circle

Cake Karma

Ever heard of Cake Karma? Giving away baked goods creates such a strong sense of goodwill that good things happen in return…
Yogurt Coffee Cake

10 Best Coffee Cake Recipes

Ten of the best Coffee Cake recipes around. Which one of these delicious coffee cake recipes will you choose to go with your latte, cappuccino or espresso?

Recipes for Chocolate Cake You’ll Love

If you’re serious about chocolate cake you’ll love this collection of chocolate cake recipes. Some of the very best chocolate cake recipes you’ll ever find.

Cake Recipes with Nutella

Looking for cake recipes with Nutella? Take a peek here. Nutella is one of those great “cheat” baking ingredients. It’s ready to go straight from the jar.
Chocolate Raspberry Cake

10 Amazing Chocolate Birthday Cake Recipes

Everyone loves chocolate cake. And every really loves chocolate birthday cakes. Here are 10 of the best chocolate birthday cake recipes around.
Fluffy Light Banana Cake

10 Great Banana Cake Recipes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you can never have too many recipes for banana cake. Here are 10 of our favorite banana cake recipes.
Limoncello Lemon Cake

10 of the Best Lemon Cake Recipes

10 great lemon cake recipes that will add some zesty sparkling flavor to your baking life. Share the sunshine!
Creme Fraiche Cheesecake with Lemon Blueberry Compote

10 of the Best Cheesecake Recipes

Whether you like your cheesecakes au naturel, smothered in caramel sauce, piled high with berries, baked or set, there’s a cheesecake here that’s sure to tempt you.
Fluffy Vanilla Cake

Best Vanilla Cake Recipe

I’m often asked for my best vanilla cake recipe recommendations. Too hard to choose just one, so I made a list of some of my favorite vanilla cake recipes.
Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting

Strawberry Cake Recipes

Celebrate strawberries in all their glory with these great strawberry cake recipes. The best strawberry cake recipes you’ll find – strawberry cake heaven.
Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake Recipes

A great collection of carrot cakes recipes. If you’re like me, you understand that you can never have too many carrot cake recipes in your baking repertoire.
Balsamic Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

Cherry Cake Recipe Collection

More than just the cherry on top, this Cherry Cake Recipe Collection is your guide to some of the best cherry cake recipes around.

Egg Yolk Cake Recipes

Have you been making angel food cake or meringue? Need some egg yolk recipes to use up lots of left over egg yolks? I am fundamentally opposed to wasting anything in the kitchen. For some reason, wasting any part of
Norwegian Apple Cake

Apple Cake Recipes

Homemade apple cakes are as heartwarming and comforting as apple pie, but much easier to bake. Try one for yourself from this Apple Cake recipe collection.
Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Peanut Butter Cake Recipes

There’s something deliciously childish about peanut butter cakes. When a PBJ sandwich won’t do, here are some of the best peanut butter cake recipes around.
Salted Caramel Apple Cake

Caramel Cakes – Delicious Caramel Cake Recipes

If you’re looking for caramel cake recipes look no further. Caramel cake heaven.
Flourless Blood Orange Cake

Sugar Free Cakes

If you’re looking for Sugar Free Cakes take a look at these recipes. These cakes have no added sugar (although some have been photographed with an optional sprinkling of icing sugar probably because it looks so preedy). Just because these
Olive Oil Cake with Candied Oranges

10 Great Orange Cake Recipes

Whether you like your orange cakes plain or complemented with anything from poppy seeds to pears, if you’re an orange cake fan, you’ll love these 10 great recipes.
Peach and Mulberry Cake

10 Sensational Gluten Free Cake Recipes

Long gone are the days when opting for a gluten free cake meant missing out. Here are 10 unforgettable gluten free cakes that everyone will enjoy.

Food Processor Cake Recipes

Here are a few of my go-to food processor cake recipes. I love making cake batters in the food processor. It’s so very easy it seems like cheating.